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5 Reasons Contractors Choose Euroshield For a Hail Proof Roof


One in every thirty-five North American homes suffers roof damage from hail each year — including over 10.7 million properties in the United States alone. The annual damage adds up quick, too, with an average over $10B.

So, when a homeowner contacts you about replacing their hail-damaged roof, what do you recommend? Peace of mind is everything. They’ll want a set-it-and-forget-it solution that they’ll never need to worry about again.

Here are the top five reasons why contractors fall in love with Euroshield and recommend it whenever a  hail proof roof is necessary:

1. Homeowner Satisfaction

This is number one for a reason. Nothing is more important than the appreciation of a satisfied homeowner for a job well done with a top-notch product. Your customers can rest easy with our industry-leading 50-year warranty and a roof that often outlasts the length of time they’ll own the home. This not only eliminates roof maintenance costs but significantly improves the resale value of the home and even has the potential to reduce insurance costs.

The proof of homeowner satisfaction with Euroshield is everything. Just take a peek at these testimonials and imagine what your own customers will be saying after you finish installing their Euroshield hail proof roof.

2. Quick & Easy Installation

Euroshield products are built tough. They’ll withstand a fast-paced install, extreme weather, foot traffic during the installation, and even breakdancing on the roof (not recommended). 



Our rubber roofing system is lightweight and designed for ease of use. Contractors appreciate the intuitive fit for quick, efficient roofing jobs. Check out our extensive installation manuals for more information on every style of Euroshield hail proof roofing.

3. 95% Recycled Rubber Materials

Rubber roofing is eco-friendly at every level. From the post-consumer recycled tire rubber to the superior insulation properties and savings on heating and cooling, it’s a modern solution that exemplifies green manufacturing. On top of that, your Euroshield products can help contribute to applications for LEED project points for sustainability.

4. Not Just Class 4 Impact Rated…Proven In Action!

Many class 4 impact-rated materials are designed to simply pass the standard test so they can earn a badge for the product label. Euroshield isn’t just class 4 impact rated. It’s hail proof

The best shingles for hail are designed and proven to withstand real-world hail damage and perform at the highest level. Watch our extreme impact video to see the durability of Euroshield in action:



5. Costs Less Than Other Premium Materials

No other hail-resistant roof is this affordable with the same combination of longevity and cost-saving potential in insurance and maintenance. You could offer your customers a stunning, photo-realistic slate or wood shake texture for less than the cost of a metal, synthetic, cedar, or stone roof — and with legendary durability in the harshest weather.

Reach out for more info today and start impressing your customers with the toughest and most attractive hail proof roof in the industry!


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