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5 Tips to Sell Your Prospects on the Value of a New Roof

how to sell roofs

A new roof is a large investment, and it’s common to find yourself in a conversation with hesitant or skeptical prospects who like the look of the product, but aren’t sure it’s worth the purchase at this time. Here are five tips to help you show your roofing leads or prospects why a new roof represents incredible value and is well worth their consideration.

1. Pictures Are Worth 1,000 Words (and Roof Sales)

Images help potential customers get up close and personal with the status of their current roof. One creative and effective strategy is to do some canvassing with a camera-equipped drone and collect footage you can show to your prospects of shingles that claw inward, moss and lichen on the shady side of the roof, areas that are sagging, damage from hail or wind, and more. Whether you can invest in drones or just offer on-the-roof photography as part of your free inspection, get photo evidence and bring some of your own work, too.

It’s easier to understand how to sell roofs when you can center the conversation around photos of a damaged roof (especially if it’s your roof) side by side with pictures of a flawless roof from a previous installation project. Point out any flaws or hazards and talk about how and why they happen, what needs to be done, and how the roofing product you would recommend addresses the issue.

2. Learn How to Sell Roofs With Urgency

This is even more important in the aftermath of a severe storm. Many homeowners and businesses will have roofs in need of repair — even if it’s less obvious from the ground — and the consequences of delay can be substantial. If fallen tree branches have compromised shingles or the structure of a roof, the home could be at risk or water damage from leaks or even a dangerous collapse. 

Look for shingles or shakes that have been stripped or peeled up from high winds, hail damage on the roofing surface, or other signs of immediate danger. Leaks can create expensive internal water damage and eventually lead to troubling mold problems. Help your prospects understand that there’s no time to waste, and the safety of their home and their family counts on quick action.

3. Talk About the Lower Price of Preventative Care

Seeing the numbers makes a difference. Show homeowners a comparison of the cost to replace the roof  now versus waiting longer and potentially needing more extensive repairs after a major weather incident.  Replacing a damaged roof might require repair to damaged decking, replacement of rotting or molded underlying structures, re-insulation, and more. It’s all about the preventative vs. reactive approach to home care. Why would they want to wait for a problem to occur when it will cost potentially thousands less to act now and install a roof that will prevent harm from coming into their home?

4. Talk About the Increased Price...of Their Home!

Replacing a roof isn’t as costly as it seems when you consider the increased value that it will bring to the home. This is a point worth stressing with roofing leads or prospects who may be looking to put their homes on the market in the next year (or two or three). If you install a long-lasting rubber roof that looks just as good in 20 years as it does the day it was installed, the window stretches out even further.

A remodeled roof has incredible ROI. Research shows that the homeowner gets back 71.6% of their initial investment in the new roof through improved home value. The added curb appeal can also make it easier and faster to sell the home.

5. Highlight Energy and Environmental Benefits

An old, weakened or damaged roof will be less effective at insulating the home than a newer product with improved materials and a flawless install. Certain roofing products are actually known to provide improvements in heating and cooling costs by improving the energy efficiency of the home.

Euroshield makes energy-efficient rubber roofing from recycled rubber tires, which not only helps to control energy costs, but also helps the environment. Homeowners can keep tires out of landfills and reduce waste while also doing themselves a favor on the monthly bills. This is a perfect point to highlight for anyone learning how to sell roofs to millennial buyers, a demographic that’s known to be very eco-conscious.

If you’re interested in learning more about rubber roofing or our attractive and authentically-styled products, reach out to the Euroshield team today and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions!


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