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How to Get More Roofing Leads on Social Media

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Social media has grown into a great space for business lead generation, especially for geo-specific services like roofing. Internet users around the world are on social sites for an average of more than two hours a day. You can connect with local, interested leads as they scroll through social pages on the couch on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, but it helps to know the ins and outs of each platform.

Roofing Leads on Facebook

Americans now spend 58 minutes a day — 325 hours a year — on Facebook. It’s an ideal platform for reaching Millennial homebuyers, too (Facebook launched when most of them were teens or in college). Set up a detailed business page with prominent contact information and a high resolution logo, then share away with these guidelines in mind:

  • Host content that shows off the best photo and video footage of your work and share links to company blog posts (if you maintain one). 
  • Record any video footage you share in a vertical format: the majority of web browsing is now done on mobile devices.
  • Most folks won’t be on Facebook to search for and “like” roofing company pages. The best way for your business to reach new audiences will be through promoted posts and roofing Facebook ads.
  • Pull in the attention of potential leads while they’re not in a purchasing headspace by promoting how-to content, roofing FAQs, stunning before/after reveals, and helpful tips. 
  • Don’t be shy about a clear and direct call-to-action with contact information at the end of any video, blog, or infographic you share!
  • Run a few brief test campaigns on a small budget to see what times of day and days of the week get the most engagement for your area and audience, then focus on those times to maximize the bang for your buck.

Roofing Leads on Instagram

Instagram is the perfect channel for showing off attractive photography of physical products. For a roofing contractor, that means a job well done. This social media site also leans a bit younger than Facebook, so keep that in mind with your tone, messaging, and the types of work, roofs, or homes that you show off. Here are a few tips”

  • Don’t forget to get permission from homeowners  first if there is anything potentially revealing about their property, address, or identity in the images you hope to share.
  • As with Facebook, you’ll see the best results with promoted (paid) posts and advertisements. 
  • Social media on the whole is leaning further and further into video content, so consider some short, engaging video options in your strategy. Something like a time-lapse of a project, set to music, can be really compelling. Before and after videos are great, too. 
  • Include text and captions in any videos, as many users will keep the sound toggled off as they scroll through their feed, but still pause to see what’s going on in a video as it scrolls by.
  • Make good use of the one link you’re allowed to include in your company’s Instagram profile. Either make it your homepage, a contact/scheduling form page, or have it lead to a “link tree” that includes several high-value and high-interest options (contact, FAQs, guides, company info, testimonials, a gallery of your work).

Roofing Leads on LinkedIn

If you do any commercial roofing work, LinkedIn is the best platform for finding business-to-business leads. LinkedIn alone is responsible for 80.33% of B2B social media leads. Incorporate these aspects of the platform into your roofing lead generation strategy:

  • LinkedIn Groups: Join groups related to the job roles and industries of your most common commercial buyers and join in on the conversation. Always have contact info and a branded image in your signature.
  • InMail: This sponsored channel allows you to write direct marketing messages that will only be sent when a LinkedIn contact is active. The content can even be tailored to each recipient to boost conversion rates.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator: You can locate decision-makers in a geo-targeted area or industry with this helpful search tool. Then, send connection requests that include a contact/call link and personalized messages to encourage conversion.  Send a welcoming message and some helpful free content or compelling testimonials to anyone that accepts, to nurture them towards a conversation.

These tips are enough to get you started on a roofing social media strategy. Feel free to check out our blog for more up-to-date insights on roofing leads, project tips, and the products your audience is looking for today.

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