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Offer Historic Buildings an Authentic Roof Style That Lasts

Replacing an historic roof is no small task. The roof provides an enormous portion of the character and curb appeal of a building, and getting it right with historic structures is essential to maintaining its beauty and credibility. Owners and caretakers appreciate any opportunity to preserve the authentic styling and identity of the structure during the repair or restoration process.

However, pragmatic and practical decisions about cost, durability, and the long-term preservation of the building also need to be kept in mind. Even the rebuilt Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London updated the roofing materials to be in line with modern safety standards, lining the authentically-styled thatch roof with fire-retardant material and integrating a sprinkler system.

Offer historic buildings accurate recreations of historic roofing materials with modern conveniences, peace of mind, and at a more attractive price. Euroshield rubber roofing was designed with the shortfalls of historic roofing materials firmly in mind.

  • Historic Wood Roofing is organic and will decay, curl, and fade with sun and rain.
  • Historic Metal Roofing deteriorates from chemical processes, which manifest as pitting, streaking, corrosion, and rust.
  • Historic Slate Roofing may seem solid, but it’s a brittle material that wears at nail holes and cracks or breaks under the weight of winter snow and ice.

Our virtually indestructible rubber roofing stands up to environmental stresses for decades without any sign of wear. It’s now possible to faithfully emulate cedar shake or rustic slate roofing with 95% recycled material, including the finest virgin crumb rubber from recycled tires. Not only will Euroshield preserve the charm of the historic building, but it will keep tires out of landfills for a responsible and sustainable restoration.

5 Authentic Styles of Historic Shingles and Roofing Materials

Rundle Slate

Euroshield Rundle Slate replicates the old-world charm and beauty of extra-thick chiselled-edge slate. The coarse edge textures and robust profile of Rundle Slate gives it strong shadow lines and a luxurious hewn appearance. This style is perfect for restoring the class and elegance of historic structures with an authentic quarried stone look, while offering the benefits of a lightweight material that installs fast and easy.

Vermont Slate

The rich and uniform beauty of our premium slate look offers none of the drawbacks of traditional slate. Real stone is difficult to install (requiring truss supports), heavy to transport, expensive to buy, and risks cracks or shattering during installation. Euroshield’s Vermont Slate, on the other hand, is lightweight, more affordable, and will never shatter with an industry-leading 50-year warranty against hail up to two inches in diameter.

Vermont Slate HP

This style is the first roofing product to hold certified status as completely hail proof. We fully warranty Vermont Slate HP (Hail Proof) against impact damage for 20 years. Catastrophic storms are a major risk to historic structures, but you can rest assured that you’ll have the best slate-style roof in the world for warding off damage from tennis ball sized hail and other severe weather.

Beaumont Shake

Our most authentic-looking Shake style, the Beaumont Shake look features attractive vertical grooves, rich cedar grain, and the natural texture of genuine hand-split historic shingles. Unlike real wood, however, our material is easy to cut on the job (it’s thinner than Ranchlands Shake) and gives the structure that rustic charm without the risks that come with traditional wood. The roof won’t be susceptible to cracking, rotting, curling, fading, algae, and mold. You can offer historic roof replacements with a smooth aesthetic, subtle shadow lines, and the perfect balance between beauty, durability, and value.

Ranchlands Shake

Ranchlands Shake is the perfect solution for historic structures that are in search of a classic wood roof look, but are wary of the ongoing problems associated with wood in older structures — rotting, curling, cracking, mold, discoloration and the heaviness caused by moisture absorption. We’ve engineered the Ranchlands Shake style to show off ultra-deep shadow lines and long, dramatic vertical grains that add sophistication to industry-leading durability. Your customers will love the authentically wavy grain and rough texture that perfectly mimics real wood shake.

Our Photo-Realistic Roofing Styles Last 50+ Years

Offer historic properties a roof that carefully recreates a stunning and photo-realistic slate or wood aesthetic with a mere fraction of the cost, time, and waste that usually comes with historic roof replacement. The hail-proof beauty of a Euroshield roof lasts nearly forever with essentially zero maintenance — a significant upgrade from the sensitive nature of traditional materials. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about these historic roofing styles and the benefits they’ll offer to your customers.


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