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Projects to Tackle During Coronavirus Quarantine

Projects to Tackle During Coronavirus QuarantineFinding it tough being holed up at home during the Coronavirus quarantine?

Many of us in Canada have been told that only “essential services” will remain open – and things look like getting worse before they get better.

That doesn’t mean we have to hibernate, though.

Spring is here and we should stay mentally and physically active.

It’s time to fight back against COVID-19 and tick off some of those household projects we’ve been delaying for too long!

This will pass. Life will return to relative normality, most of us will return to work, and many of us will be so busy again that we’ll regret the missed opportunities that being at home presented.

So, what can you be doing during quarantine?

What are the “essential services” required around our own homes?

Here are a few great ideas…

Work on a spring to-do list so you’re all set for the year ahead

Quarantine is a good reminder of how much we rely on our homes.

What if something happened to the roof or the foundations?

Use the quarantine period to look after a few of the essentials that no home can do without.

After all, the weather may be improving where you are but the spring and summer bring their own hazards in Canada and the U.S.

Do a comprehensive roof inspection

Comprehensive roof inspectionIs your roof ready for the spring and summer?

It’s not just tornadoes or lightning and storms that damage roofing at that time.

It’s hail season in the mid-western United States, the Canadian prairies, and other parts of North America,

Hail can ruin a roof in a matter of seconds so make sure that you check it thoroughly. Are there any weaknesses that the weather can exploit?

You may even consider whether your roof is made of the right material to deal with a full-on hail storm.

If so, that will require larger plans.

Could this be the time to replace your roof with one made of rubber (one of the best materials for extreme weather including hail), asphalt shingles or steel for extra peace of mind?

Well, suddenly you have the time to be thinking about this and weighing up the possibilities.

Check for leaks and damage and perform basic maintenance

Check for leaks and damage on your roofIt doesn’t necessarily take a spring or summer storm to uncover leaks or other damage around your home.

If you’ve experienced a leaking roof, leaking pipes, or leaking anything, you will know that water damage can be a big problem in terms of expense and safety.

Check for leaks and other damage in your roof. Perhaps you still didn’t repair the hail damage from the last storm?

Do the gutters need cleaning or repairing?

Now’s the time to perform any essential roof maintenance you can.

You probably can’t go to the hardware or home improvement store to get new tools. So, ask yourself: “What can I do with the tools I’ve got?”

Do basic checks and repairs around the house

basic checks and repairs around the houseIt may ease your “cabin fever” to get out on the roof or in the yard and breathe in the fresh air but there is probably plenty to do inside the home too.

Essential household maintenance can include activities like:

  • Checking the boiler for strange noises or leaks
  • Checking the furnace, if you have one
  • Cleaning essential appliances
  • De-scaling appliances

If something needs repairing and you can’t do it right now, start planning and gathering information to tick these projects off as soon as you can after the quarantine period ends.

Brush away the winter cobwebs with some fun spring cleaning

fun spring cleaning with kidsFamilies may be struggling for ways to keep active during the quarantine.

One of the best ways is to turn everyday activities into opportunities to get “moving”. Even doing the laundry can be a workout.

You can involve all the family by announcing a spring clean where everybody must do their “bit”. That can mean:

  • Kids cleaning their bedroom
  • Cleaning out under the bed or in bedroom drawers
  • All helping with clearing out the junk gathered in the past year
  • Re-organizing untidy areas of the home
  • Boxing up items and taking them to the basement or attic
  • Labelling boxes and containers so you can easily find things
  • Painting or hanging pictures
  • Cleaning curtains
  • Cleaning kitchen appliances
  • Cleaning the shed and the yard

The beauty of this is that you don’t need to be the “DIY type” who loves clambering up ladders and fixing things.

You just need a commitment to do it and you can have fun with the family at the same time.

Consider how your household can go greener

Becoming more eco-friendly is one of those things that most of us like to consider – but few of us have the time for.

Well, now we have the time.

How can you go greener inside and outside your home?

Bear in mind that if you are considering replacing your roof, Euroshield rubber roofs are made of up to 95 percent recycled materials (rubber from recycled tires) which adds up to over 600 tires diverted from our landfills! That’s the equivalent of a lifetime's worth of recycling.

That is a pretty good start to becoming more eco-friendly.

Anyway, stay well and look after your families at this strange and demanding time.

Here’s hoping it will soon pass and that, in the meantime, you don’t waste the time you’ve been given at home with the family!

Looking to cross off an item from your to-do list?

Contact a Euroshield installer in your area today or ask us anything about our environmentally friendly roofing products!

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