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Why Every Distributor Needs Eco-Friendly Rubber Roofing Shingles


The latest generation of homebuyers and business owners has changed the paradigm. Millennials don’t have the same priorities as the last few generations. They took longer to get into home ownership, but demand in this age group is finally heating up and they’re going bigger and better than ever before. 

USA Today reported that between 2012 and 2016, “nearly a third of buyers aged 33 to 37 bought four-bedroom homes compared to about 24% in that age group in 1980, 1990 and 2000.” Homeownership to the millennial generation is about finding a permanent solution. They’re looking to establish a place where they can raise a family and live out their lives with peace of mind and comfort. An investment this large demands a roof that will withstand the harshest weather conditions.

But that’s not all — millennials also prioritize environmentally-friendly, and sustainable products. The vast majority of millennial buyers are the most willing to pay more for eco-friendly offerings, according to a 2015 Nielsen global online study, because social responsibility is such a critical core value to the age cohort.

Why Does This Matter to a Roofing Distributor?

You can serve the demands of the next major generation of homebuyers just as they’re peaking in their market participation by adding eco-friendly rubber roofing shingles to your lineup of products.

Eco-Friendly Bonafides

Contractors, businesses, and individual buyers are on the hunt for the toughest, longest-lasting, and most sustainable roofing solutions on the market. A Euroshield rubber roof is made from approximately 95% recycled material, including the highest quality virgin crumb rubber derived from recycled tires — one of the most visible sources of landfill waste. Rubber is one of the best choices for eco-friendly homeowners, and you can serve this essential drive while helping every structure that receives a Euroshield roof to earn LEED points for sustainability.

Lifetime Durability and Hail Resistance

Recycled rubber makes a truly superior roof, too. In addition to reducing waste and virtually eliminating replacement or maintenance costs, Euroshield rubber roofing shingles are among the most hail proof roofing products available today.  Our products are all class 4 impact rated and demonstrated in action.



The Euroshield rubber roofing system comes with a robust 50-year warranty that will satisfy even the most long-term oriented millennial buyer. These nearly indestructible rubber roofing shingles are designed to last decades longer than most families will own their homes.

Upscale Curb Appeal at a Better Price

It’s important to consider the aesthetic priorities of millennial homeowners with large, multi-bed-and-bath homes who are looking to replace or upgrade their roofs.  Rubber roofing shingles and shakes can carefully mimic the exact appearance of opulent and elegant slate, cedar, and other specialty roofing materials at a fraction of the price. And this spectacular wow factor will last nearly forever with essentially no maintenance.

Euroshield provides recycled rubber roofing in a variety of classic styles to suit the vision of your customers.  From the highly-sought-after chiselled opulence of authentic slate to the rustic charm of hand-split cedar shake with a rich, natural wood grain, you can offer eco-friendly roofing options that will look good for a lifetime.

The housing market is sweltering hot and there’s no time to lose. Contact us and add Euroshield to your lineup today to deliver the perfect product for today’s demands, every time.


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